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Dr Eric Daiter has served Monmouth and Middlesex Counties of New Jersey as an infertility expert for the past 20 years. Dr. Daiter is happy to offer second opinions (at the office or over the telephone) or new patient appointments. It is easy, just call us at 908 226 0250 to set up an appointment (leave a message with your name and number if we are unable to get to the phone and someone will call you back).


"I always try to be available for my patients since I do understand the pain and frustration associated with fertility problems or endometriosis."


"I understand that the economy is very tough and insurance companies do not cover a lot of the services that might help you. I always try to minimize your out of pocket cost while encouraging the most successful and effective treatments available."

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The Basic Infertility Evaluation
Once a couple presents an infertility problem, an organized cost considerate rapid evaluation that makes no major assumptions about cause should be recommended.

Assumptions are common, but should be discouraged. When the couple first identifies an infertility problem there often is a tendency to guess at the cause for the problem. I often hear: "(s)he is the problem," "it must be me since my spouse has had children in another marriage," or "I know I'm normal since I've never been sick a day in my life." Assumptions are usually counterproductive.

The basic infertility evaluation should always include an evaluation of

* (1) ovulation,

* (2) sperm, and

* (3) the pelvic factor

In addition, it is usually adviseable to confirm that there are no other major barriers to fertility. This might include looking at the periovulatory cervical mucus for the presence of progressively motile sperm several hours following intercourse (postcoital test). This might also include examining the pelvis for the presence of abnormalities, such as endometriosis or adhesions (laparoscopy and possibly hysteroscopy).

If the couple has experienced multiple consecutive miscarriages, the evaluation that I recommend includes

* (1) demonstration of a normally shaped uterine cavity,

* (2) evaluation for a hormonal deficiency in progesterone production,

* (3) analysis of both the maternal (wife's) and paternal (husband's) chromosomes,

* (4) laboratory testing for immunologic causes of pregnancy loss, and

* (5) taking a history for maternal disease states or environmental toxin exposure

The components of the basic infetility evaluation are discussed in detail. The components of the basic recurrent pregnancy loss evaluation will be the subject of another project (currently in progress).


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